First Zine’s Attempt

Last Thursday, the professor introduced Zine to the class. For those who don’t know what Zine is Click Here.
Ever since then, I’ve been playing with Photoshop and obsessively searching random images on google to add to my zine creations. Here is two Zine’s covers I’ve created so far.
  • The Theme is “Playing Reality”. The project focuses on how some video games have improved their graphics so much that everything mimics reality. One video game in particular is GTA 5 (Grand Theft Auto). Now I’ve been a GTA fan since I could remember. I would say I’ve liked the game since I first played Vice City 10 years ago. The graphics and gameplay have drastically improved since then, to the point where now I just get mesmerized whenever my brothers are playing GTA 5. I just get so taken back and try to explain to them how detailed and real the sky, the houses, the mountains, and even the furniture inside the houses looks. Of course when I try to strike a conversation about GTA 5’s graphics while they are playing, it just distracts and get them killed instead, their reaction is always…
Related image

Related image


So I just get out of their room with a chuckle.


Nonetheless, here’s what I’ve made so far but are not the final Zine’s that’s going to be included in the Class project.

1. I Made It

For Full Screen of the image Click here 

  • This jungle/mountain inspired piece is an example of that moment when someone is resting in their comfort zone, (hence the living room background) and just quietly revisiting their past. Most importantly, the difficult times they had to overcome. I chose a lion because a lion always represents the King of the jungle but people sometimes fail to realize each Lion has to fight many obstacles to become “king”. Also, there are two lions to symbolize the past and present. The lion running is the younger version of the bigger lion who is seating down and resting on his throne. Basically, this piece is a metaphor for life. The lion is compared to a real human being, man or woman who has reach success and is now looking back at his or her road to get there.

   “A Successful Lion looking back at his humble beginnings. A Metaphor of Life.”

  • From the technical standpoint, I really challenged myself with this piece. Believe it or not, all the images except for the two lions are from the GTA 5 video game. That’s right, the mountains, the river, the white walls, the red drapes, the lamps, and the picture frames are not real. The zine is also part of the “Playing Reality” theme. Lastly, this just shows the power of technology and how evolved digital arts have become in terms of video game graphics and the number of details that goes into creating a game. I applaud everyone that was involved in creating GTA 5 because they’ve nailed every aspect of depicting reality. I can’t imagine the amount of hard work and dedication it took the creators and designers to finish this game.

For Full Screen Click Here

Image of Running Lion

Image of Seating Lion

Image of GTA 5 Living Room

Image of GTA 5 Mountain

Image of GTA 5 Dog

Image of GTA 5 Vinewood 

****On a very important side note, this zine is not in portrait mode and I didn’t use CMYK Colors. Don’t be like me, do your zine in portrait mode and use CMYK Colors like Mr. Seslow asked.

2.  Sky High

For Full Screen Click Here.

  • For this “Sky High”, I didn’t have any end goal. I created it in class and picked random pictures of mountains from the internet. It is my first zine so it was fun to experiment with. The airplane and river are not real. They are both from GTA 5. So yes the idea of using GTA 5 images started in class and then continued when I got home. The title reads, “Technology” followed by subtext “Hop on board! Limitless possibilities are waiting.” The title and subtext came to mind when I was trying to figure out the meaning of this zine. I came up with the idea of technology because it’s what I’m interested in and studying. And as everyone knows, Technology is so vast and have so many possibilities that can come from using it and creating the next best thing as well.

Below are the images used for the zine.

Full Screen of Green Mountain

Full Screen of GTA 5 Gameplay

Full Screen of Poly Mountain 


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