I made a Youtube Channel!

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After a long thought, I realized that I would like to share videos on my blog posts. The best option I thought about is creating a YouTube channel to accomplish that goal. Sharing a YouTube video would be more convenient than just posting a video on the blog. Plus, a YouTube channel can help me gain a fan based which would be great because digital storytelling is something I enjoy and would love to share with everyone that is interested.

So yes, ladies and gentlemen’s I’ve created a YouTube Channel. It’s kinda of a big deal because I don’t use any social media sites. I’m practically undetectable online and would like to keep it that way. Well, my abandoned  Pinterest account still pops up when you google search my name but that’s about it…and yes I’ve google searched my name before. In all, I’m a very private person but I think the YouTube channel and this new website under my wings will help me be more open minded to creating an account and posting content on Facebook, Twitter, or  Instagram.

I’m excited to see my journey with blogging and YouTubing…that’s what the young folks say right?

Check out the first video I uploaded Here or you can just click to watch down below.

And don’t worry, there is a whole background story behind this video. Click here for the details.

So how about you? Do you have a YouTube Channel? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram?  or Are you camera shy like me? comment your Social Links down below and I’ll check them out maybe even follow you if I do ever decide to create any social media accounts.

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