I’m still making Zines

Truly, I am beyond inspired and motivated to do a zine right now.

I really love the fact that Zine’s have no limit to what you can do. That’s a big deal for me because it means I’m not restricted to using many colors. As you can see down below, I love mixing colors and creating colors I’ve never seen in real life before.


Honestly, I don’t have an exact idea as to what this zine represents but I just adore it. The top layer is a picture of a house in the middle of an ocean. I was fascinated by the picture and I just had to use it. It had a very relaxing mood. The different colors you see are just effects I created in photoshop (Curves & Levels tool). The bottom layer is just the famous codes(10101101) that represent programming and technology in general. If you look closely, you will see emojis as well. The emojis are there as a symbol how technology allows us to share our feelings and connect with others from sharing. There is more than one emoji to show a community.


Creating this zine page was very time-consuming. It was my fault though. I am the type of person that when I find something interesting, I just keep playing and tinkering with it until I pass out (not literally, but you get the idea). So this is the final version I like. I have a bunch of videos of the many times I’ve changed the design of this zine page. Ultimately, I zine correctly reflects how I see the world on some days. It also portrays my brain during and after I’ve used Technology. Whether I was using photoshop, XD, listening to music, or just watching a video, my brain and thoughts go into overdrive.

On a side note, I feel like this could have a different meaning to everyone. This zine page could be a symbol of the creative digital movement that is going on. Digital arts is growing day by day. Hey, it even created new careers, graphic designer? Animator? photographer (that’s always been around but technology allows anyone to be a photographer).


Here are other versions I made.

This one kind of have hidden meanings. The colored letters spell out HEART if you read it from top to bottom. The heart means creating art based on your passion. In other words, I feel like creativity always starts from the heart or instinct and someone’s perception of reality.


As you can see this one has a lot more writings. I didn’t really like all the writings. I do like the pixilated/faded look to it. I didn’t pick it as one of my final version because it looked really faded when I printed out.


So, yup, If I get the chance, I will upload some videos of my process of creating this zine pages.

And Lastly all the pics I used to create this pages.





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