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So the first thing you’ll probably wonder when first you visit my site, is why did I pick that name?

Iseechaos originated wayyy back in my senior year in high school. I was seating in one of my favorite class and the phrase just popped into my head. Well, the phrase pop up as a result of what I was observing around me. As I say, I was in class. This particular class was the most chaotic class I’ve ever been in. I would notice how each student were having side conversations, some with even their backs turned while the teacher was lecturing. The weirdest part was that the teacher didn’t care. She was one of the coolest, and most down to earth teacher I’ve ever met as well. I think she didn’t mind students ignoring her because she is a free spirit herself. Her art and fashion background encourage us to just be ourselves. Nevertheless, the class was chaotic and I can’t say I ever opened a notebook in that class. I did talk a lot though..with friends. So yup Iseechaos started in a classroom then translated to the world.

Of course today, I see chaos can apply to many different things. It’s a universal phrase. As of the past few months, Iseechaos is a representation of my random thoughts and random things I notice about the word. It also symbolizes the type of posts you’ll see on my website. From a quick browse, you’ll see a T-Rex game then an inspirational video the next. There is no limit or restrictions on what I might post. In a way though, I like to think my site is an organized chaos. I still categorize post and make visible in only certain tabs.

The logo is a actually CT scan of my brain. I was originally going to title my site Hastride’s brain so it could match my CT scan. The CT scan wasn’t the dark and yellow color you see today. I played with the picture in Photoshop and came up with the logo you see today. I just thought it would be fun to have my own logo that truly represents me.

The logo has no significant meaning. It just a picture of my brain. I did purposely wrote Chaos in front of my eyes in the picture to show that I do sometimes see chaos.

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