It’s the Final Countdown!

Oh man, I can’t believe Thursday was the last day of class. It’s a bittersweet symphony.  I guess all I can do now is travel back to memory lane.

It all started on February 1st, 2018 at 10:00 am. I was wearing a blue shirt with…just kidding.

Digital Storytelling helped me embrace my creativity. I love the fact that we got an assignment each week because it encouraged me to improve my Photoshop skills. Speaking of Photoshop, can I just add that it’s the greatest invention of all time?


I think all the work I did for this class were made using Photoshop. One thing that I learned in the class that I’ll continue doing is making frame animations. I enjoyed seeing and making a picture come to life.

Talking about frame animations just gave me an idea.


I also enjoyed creating a zine page. I didn’t even know what zines were. The collaboration between York and BMCC was really fun and different. I mean to even think something I did a month ago will be archived in New York Public Library’s Collection is pretty amazing. Honestly, I am excited about the Zine project’s final stage because I can just imagine 10 years from now visiting the NYPL and looking back at every student’s work and the nostalgia that would surface.

Now Let’s get to the GIFs of it…(see what I did there).

1. Did I enjoy the Class?


2. How will I use my skills?

3. The Future of 



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