My reaction, you say?

Here is my reactions and thoughts I had about the class, CT 101, for the duration of the first two class meetings. Viewer/Reader discretion is advised.

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First of all, before the first day of class, I thought the class description on CUNY First sounded pretty fun and awesome. Then when I got to class, my mind got blowed. “Wait, does the syllabus really say no textbooks”? Is that even legal? I was sold as soon as I saw the no textbook policy. The teacher seems very cool too, well he does have a 4.7 rating on, so that must count for something. Secondly, the first assignment for the class is creating GIF’s! Where have this class been all my life? By the second class meeting, the class made me realized my purpose in life…spamming the world with GIF’s.

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I have high expectations for this class, which says a lot because for most of the classes I’ve previously taken, I usually wanted it to end the minute I sat down in the chair. I can tell this class and the teacher will teach me many new techniques and skills related to technology. For example, I’ve just learned how to make a GIF, that’s so cool. I’m excited to see what I will be learning each week as well since it’s sort of mystery. I’ll admit, not knowing exactly what your next assignment is because it’s not written in the syllabus yet is pretty exciting. Also, I am liking the fact that I can see other students blogs, it helps a lot with getting an idea of what to do. I am a visual learning and always prefer to see what I need to do instead of  reading about what I need to do without any visual demonstrations. On the side note here’s my honest reaction to the class after the second week.

And lastly, everyone’s reaction after reading this post.

Everyones reaction to my gifs


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