Spring 2018 Music Playlist

 My Spring 2018 Music Playlist 

I don’t know about you but I have this weird thing that I do. I listen to only certain songs every semester. I don’t it on purpose though. Basically, every semester, the songs I listen to become the blueprint for that semester. Then once a new semester start, it’s hard to listen to those songs again because it reminds me of the previous semester, which I don’t like. In other words, those songs I listen to from a previous semester brings nostalgia whenever I hear then again a semester later. It’s a weird thing about me. Anyways let’s get on to this post.

I made a list of songs I’ve been listening to this spring semester. Some I’ll probably won’t listen to again next semester. I have to add that I have a Napster subscription so I have unlimited access to music. I recommend getting a Napster subscription, I been a member for 4 years now, and it’s the best thing I ever paid for. I mean I have been $10/month for the past 4 years but I don’t mind, that’s how much I love the service.

Here’s the list of the songs I’ve been listening to for the last 4 months. I’ve taken the time to add a preview of the artist song from their YouTube channel. So I encourage you to at least check out one artist from this list. I think they are pretty talented. By the way, this list is in no particular order. I just randomly listed each song, #1 doesn’t mean it’s my top favorite.

1. James Bay- Slide  

James Bay is an English singer/songwriter. He first got famous for his beautiful song “Hold Back the River” in 2014. I heard his voice send people to heaven. He is currently promoting his new album Electric Light.

2. NF- Outro 

NF, short for Nate Feuerstein, is a rapper, and songwriter. He was the first rapper to be signed to a popular Christian label. I believe he writes all his songs. If you’re a fan of “real music” aka “music with emotion”, you’ll love NF. I am a big fan of his wordplay in some of his song lyrics. I could go on and on about NF, I’ve been a fan of him for a long time now and was really excited when he released his new album, Perception, last year.


3. NF- If You Want Love 

I already said all I need to say about NF. Just listen to his music already!

4. James Walker- Leave The Light On

It’s a great song. You can feel his emotion when he sings this song. Apparently, he wrote “Leave the Light On” for one of his friends who wasn’t doing so well in life. His friend turned to alcohol and sort of disappeared into his own world for a few. He talked more about the song in a Rachel Ray Interview. You can catch him on tour or buy his album here.


5. Kaleo- Way Down We Go

Has have no idea what this man says in half of the song but I still love the song and his voice. He has a really really really deep voice…ladies.

6. Ed Sheeran- Happier

YOU KNEW Ed Sheeran had to be on this list. Ed Sheeran is everywhere. Although his song, Happier has been out for a while (January 2017), the song is still classic and timeless. This song is one of the rare songs I’m willing to listen to for a year straight. He uploaded the music video for the song last month but I prefer a music video made by a fan. The fan made video is so romantic and gives me goosebumps every time. Go check out this fan made music video for “Hapier” by youTube creator Man Nguyen.

7. Stromae- Défiler

Stromae is a French artist but also does music in English. I can’t tell much about his background since most of his interviews are in french. Netherless, he is very talented. And hey, if someone can speak a whole another language you don’t understand but you still get fascinated by them, they must be doing something right. As I say, Stromae is very talented. Check out his other song “Cancer”, which is one of my all time favorite song.


Sail is and always will be my favorite song of all time. I love the simplicity of the lyrics yet I feel like they are so powerful and versatile. The song can apply to any situation too. When I’m happy, I listen to this song. When I’m sad, I listen to this song. The song literally apples to any situation. The video is kind of weird though but it doesn’t minimize the quality of the song. Another favorite artist of my MGK did a rendition of this song. Check out his version here. MGK’s video is really engaging and so interesting. I’ve probably watched it like 20 times over the years. Seriously, you need to check MGK version, and this version was created before he switched his music style. His new style is more singing in his songs, I personally don’t like the new style but he has gained newfound popularity among young teens. Since I mentioning MGK, check out his other song I have on my playlist, Alpha Omega.

9. Mike Stud- Lost Me 

Mike Stud is a great musician. I guess he could still be considered as an underground artist since most haven’t heard his music yet. As I said with all the other artist, you should check him out. I got introduced to his music via Pandora. His song “Brightside” is the first song that I listened to made by him.  A fun fact about him is that he used to be a baseball player in college and was playing on joining the major leagues.

Well, I’m going to end the list on an odd number just to catch you off guard.

What songs are you listening to this semester? Let me know in the comment section below. Hey maybe you make music yourself, let me hear it!

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