When a file gets accidentally deleted

When Your File Disappears 

I thought I’d write a post about the frustration and stages I go through when any of my creative files get deleted by accident. By files, I mean a Microsoft word doc (.doc), Photoshop file (.psd), Adobe XD (.XD) and other media files like .mp3, videos and more. The frustration I have right now, all started when I couldn’t find an XD file I was working on. For those who aren’t familiar with xd, it’s an Adobe application that is used to create prototypes for apps. I had already spent about 12+ hours on last Sunday creating an app prototype for one of my class’s project. No seriously, it really takes me 12+ hours and that’s why I’m annoyed. All that time and dedication I can’t get back. I’m usually the type that would say “everything happens for a reason” but in this case, I don’t see any valid reasons for the disappearing prototype. Other than to troll me and make me lost my mind.

So here’s the phases I went through when I notice I couldn’t find my XD file anywhere on my personal computer, Creative Cloud, and Google Drive. I’m sure all CT majors, writers, and digital artist in general will relate most to this post.

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The stages after your files death

     The Innocent Searching 

The innocent page takes place when you happily turn on your computer. You might even do a little dance because you’re so eager to continue with your project. Your naive self still believes the file is still there and not a thought of anything else



Denial comes in when you just can’t see a reason why you’re not seeing your file. You’ve CTRL+S like 30 times last night. WHAT IS GOING ON? Your only naïve thought “I think my computer is acting up again”

DENIAL 2.0 Denial

2.0 is when you go to extreme measures to prove your instinct wrong. This stage forces people to go their computer’s dark hole. The “SEARCH PC” option is your last resort and a desperate man’s tool. When you “search this PC”, EVERY FREAKING FILE SHOW UP and I won’t even mention the ten thousand years loading time because you are literally asking your computer to show everything that has ever been added to it since it’s existence. Close your eyes, the image below will give you nightmares…viewer discretion advised. 

Related image


I think Panic Mode is pretty self-explanatory. But if you’re not sure, it’s the stage where you realize YOUR FILE IS GONE! VANISH! DISAPPEARED! STOLEN! DIED!




The Grieving stage last about an hour. That’s when you want to destroy anything and anyone that crosses your path. It’s the frustration and realization that you just spend 8 hours creating something for nothing.



You’ve accepted that you and that file just wasn’t meant to be and meditate until you feel ready to start over.









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