5 Minutes for the Next 50 years of Your Life

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As the story always goes, while I was randomly scrolling through my “Recommended Video” YouTube feed, a video titled, “5 Minutes for the Next 50 years of Your Life” popped up. Mind you I have never watched a video from this Channel Video Advice  or have I ever heard of them before. The tittle of the 5 min clip itself sounds interesting but what made click to watch it was the thumbnail. The thumbnail shows Mr. Matthew freaking McConaughey’s face with the text “98% of people don’t understand this”. The competitive side of me urged to watch the video to see if i am part of the 2% that does understand it. The verdict…I am. Whether or not I persistently live my life by the standards mention in the video..is another question.

For those Interested, here is a little background information about both the Channel Video Advice and the video “5 Minutes for the Next 50 Years of Your. From my quick research a.k.a reading the channels “about” section, the channel’s main focus is having celebrities and other high achievers behind the spotlight, using their platform to inspire, motivate, and educate people by talking about their very own experiences and lessons they’ve learned. It’s a great idea to be honest. I’m not sure if I would listen to every idea a celebrity is introducing because I will always have the passing thought of “My world is different from yours”. None the less, the channel is worth checking out, actually I DO recommended checking it out. You can click on any of the hyperlinks in this post, including this one “Video Advice “. to get directed to their YouTube Channel.

Now lets talk about the video. It is narrated by Matthew McConaughhey, which is awesome because I find his voice relaxing but has a strong presence and keeps you focus on his message. The visuals of the video is also pretty cool, and the subtitles are a nice touch for keeping the viewers attention span for the whole 5 long minutes. I should add this is not a Ted Talk clip, you won’t see McConaughey walking back and forth on a stage while giving his speech. In all, watch the video, it is posted below and is worth your time.


Now, Here is my takeaway from watching “5 Minutes for the Next 50 Years of Your Life”. The video is posted on the YouTube Channel name Video Advice 

1. This is Common Sense

Everything in this video is Everything we already know. “Life is not easy”. We all know that, but sometimes we fail to keep that in mind. It’s human nature to label yourself as the victim as well when you feel someone is not doing something you expect them to do and/or something (life) is not going how you planned or envisioned it to. The common question is always “why me”. I’ll admit I’ve had a few of those moments where I’m just like “why me” for the whole day. As McCanaughey said, “you’re not the victim”, nobody is, shit  just happens, you just got to “get over it and get on with it”, it’s that simple but easy to forget that sometimes.

2. Success has many Definitions

Success is one of those words that can get toss around by both the hero and the villain. Many people view success has being rich or at least having a decent amount of money in their hands. Notice I said hands and not account, some people rather have quick unlimited access to money than having a savings, and nothing is wrong with that. Others view success as owing a house, children, happiness, job tittle, and etc. You get the idea. So the trick is to make your own definition of success. Mine is finding out where WTF Fun Facts get their facts from…Like seriously WHERE??  Comment down below if you know. 

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3. Know Yourself Better Than Anyone Else

Aging is hard but learning about yourself while aging is even harder. Believe it or not, most people don’t pay attention to what they really desire and wish. A few don’t even pay attention to their words, actions,  and what frustrates them nor what really makes them happy. Its surprising but its understandable, with the world of social media, the type of people you meet, the places you’ve been, the substances you’ve experienced with, it’s easy to switch your focus to them instead of yourself. I am a victim, wait I am not a victim, nobody is, but I will say I am guilty of being influenced by my environment and experiences, in my younger days. I don’t have any dramatic stories but I did somethings and say somethings that I wouldn’t have said now. And that’s the whole point, you just don’t who exactly who you are the moment you’re born, its a process and you must be able to learn from each experience. McConuaghey’s spin on process of elimination is interesting. Start with “finding you are not”. Basically, look back at your past, take notes of things you wouldn’t do again and those you WANT to keep doing and call them your Standards. The Standards can later be an extension to your character. 

4. In The END, It’s up to You

Every decision you make revolves around your thinking and what you want. I don’t believe that’s true. I believe total control of yourself starts the day you move out your parents house. If your are still living with parents, your decisions are still influenced by their opinions and your imagination of how they would feel and react about anything you do. Yes, you can still do your own thing, especially if you have a job and above 18, because they are no longer really responsible for your well being and BiIILS(Cry Face) but you don’t have total absolute control yet. Nether less, after you move out, it’s up to you. You make choices you think will benefit you the most. You can’t blame anyone for anything because you’re the one controlling yourself.  So look from your perspective first before making any decisions than consider other factors. Sometimes, people, including me, make decisions that they would had not already made, but did because the thought “Well it could really help this person” instead of thinking “how will this help me or improve my life”. I think this might be that hardest practice to follow because so many little factors can influence our decisions and actions. 

What are your thoughts after watching the video? Write them in the comment section below, I’m interested to hear your takeaway. Also, did you like the video? Do you have any video suggestions? Have you watched any videos from this Youtube Channel before?

***Important***Do you know where WTF Fun Facts get their facts from?

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